Friday Drop In - Burnaby
to Sep 27

Friday Drop In - Burnaby

Fridays - Drop In $60 pp from 1pm-4pm

I will demonstrate how to shoot a live model for painting purposes. I will be covering Lighting, Poses, Distortion, and Perspective. Painting techniques will include wet-in-wet painting and different underpainting techniques to get different affects, composition, colour mixing and pallet changes.

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Abstracted Realism - 3 Day Workshop - Kelowna
to Oct 13

Abstracted Realism - 3 Day Workshop - Kelowna

This 3-day workshop will teach you how to view the world abstractly. You can take this methodology outdoors but for the purpose of this course, we will work from photo reference you bring. We will start with concept and design and finish with abstracted finished paintings. In between we will do fun exercises to loosen up your mind and hand, then use traditional and unique art techniques to create layers of creativity on your paper. It’s a safe space to experiment with an assortment of mediums or use these mediums in new ways.  Your creativity will blossom using new intuitive painting methods.

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Abstracted Realism - 4 Day Workshop - Gibsons
to Aug 9

Abstracted Realism - 4 Day Workshop - Gibsons

Where: Gibsons, BC
When: August 2020

In this exciting 4 day workshop we will learn the techniques of mixed media on paper.  Some of the mediums we will experiment with are vine charcoal, charcoal pencil, pastel pencils, and acrylic paint. We will also learn to modify our thought process to see shapes and lines rather than subject matter. This the first step in learning to abstract and create a dynamic drawing with these mediums. You'll bring print outs or digital images of what interests you and we will abstract from there. Here are a few points of interest.

• preparing the paper - clear gesso

• learning to abstract from realism - slide show on thought process - moving things around, seeing lines and shapes

• practicing abstraction in a notebook and on newsprint

• learning the mediums

• start working with images vs outdoors

• creating layers

To sign up please message from the contact page under ABOUT KATO

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to Apr 20

Come as you are Workshop

Oils and Acrylics

Dates: Saturday, April 30
Time: 10am - 4pm
Cost: Classes $85 for a single day

Bring your own paintings to work on or join part of the group that paints from a still life.

We will be covering topics pertaining to design and layout of paintings. What makes for a good painting and how to increase the time someone views with your painting. We will also be covering brushwork and how to improve your lost and found edges, focal point, large and small areas, and quiet and complex areas.

Contact: Kato Rempel @ 250-870-2428 or

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