Kato Rempel, was born in Vancouver, BC Canada. She spent her early 20’s and 30’s in the graphic design industry in Vancouver when the computer age was blossoming. After spending 14 years of non-stop working she escaped the working world for several years overseas with her family studying foreign cultures, art and architectural design. The overseas locations that inspired her most were Sri Lanka and India. During these adventures she started studying oil painting and gradually turned it into her career. When she came back to Canada she relocated to Kelowna, BC where she continued her studies in oil painting with two wonderful local artists Kristy Gordon and Jerry Markham. 

Her artwork is in the private collections in homes worldwide, from London, England to Sydney, Australia, from Germany, Australia, Canada, India to the US. 

Kato has won several awards through the Federation of Canadian Artists juried shows and has now completed a peer review advancement that now gives her the designation of AFCA (Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists).