Kato uses extreme foreshortening and very low line of sight in many of her figurative oil paintings. She wanted to push the figurative subject matter a little further than doing a portrait or figure sitting in a chair. She started experimenting with photographing my models lying on the floor. She tries to capture the mood or emotional energy that comes from each model or couples in the photoshoot. Her intention is to capture these feelings and portray them on canvas. 

Works on Paper:

Kato started bending the rules in her paintings in 2017 after going an art trip in India.  The introduction of charcoal and acrylic into her work pushed her to develop her knowledge in layering in with these mediums. She is very inspired by the cubist movement of the early 1900’s and that sometimes peeks through. In these mixed media pieces, she has started pushing the edges of conformity. She continually pushes into a new stylistic feel that captures the atmosphere of the subject matter, whether it be in Cuba, India or Canada.