Artist Biography

Kato (Karen) Rempel’s work is a reflection of beauty, diversity and mystique drawn from many years of international living and experience. She's combined her 25 years of experience in graphic and web design into a new artistic adventure. Kato is focused on capturing the passion of women and couples through her figurative exploration. Her newest exploration is her travel art. While traveling in India in 2017, she started using mixed media on paper on her travels. Some of her new pieces are painted on location and some art painted in the studio in India and Canada. 

Her original artwork graces the private collections in homes worldwide, from London, England to Sydney, German, Australia, Canada and the US.

An enthusiastic and passionate student for the past decade, Kato has studied with Kristy Gordon, completed the US Virtual Art Academy’s three year Alla Prima Plein Air program with Barry John Raybould, and is currently studying with Jerry Markham in Kelowna, BC.

Kato has won several awards through the Federation of Canadian Artists juried shows over the last few years and has now completed a peer review advancement that now gives her the designation of AFCA (Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists)


The Artwork

The ever present music in Kato's studio conjures feelings, memories, and energy that push out the 'here and now'. With a clear mind, she's able to focus on transforming a white canvas into what she considers a living, breathing piece of art.

This year, her inspiration comes from people; their passion, and their energy. When she is searching for inspiration for her next painting, she looks for that intense passion in a person. Sometimes it's a facial expression, sometimes body posture, or often a combination of both. When she sees it, she knows it instantly and it's like their passion sparks across to her and she feels an intense need; maybe even a challenge, to capture that feeling and get it onto canvas.

It seems that when she's able to capture the subject's energy it's clearly felt by the person looking at the painting; that painting becomes popular. If she can get someone to feel and recognize the energy that she saw at the inception of the piece, then she's honoured and happy to return to her studio to start the process over again, knowing that it will be adorning the wall in a home where it will be appreciated.



Honourable Mention - "Reflecting on a distance reality" - FCA Vancouver (Juried) Artists Choice Show - February 2018

3rd Prize Award - "Lazy Days" - FCA Vancouver (Juried) Summer Art Show - August 8-20, 2017

Honourable Mention for "Love Struck" - FCA Signature Medal Show, Vancouver  November 30 - December 23, 2016

2nd Prize Award - Autumn Gallery, Kelowna  (Juried) "Layed Back" - FCA Okanagan (Juried) November 18-20, 2016

2nd Prize Award -Oasis 2016  (Juried)  "Star Gazing III" - FCA Okanagan (Juried) July/August, 2016

1st Prize Award - Autumn Gallery, Kelowna  (Juried) "Star Gazing I" - FCA Okanagan (Juried) November 22 - 22, 2015

2nd Prize Award - Oasis 2015 (Juried) FCA, National Show at the Rotary Centre of the Arts, Kelowna, May 2015

2nd Prize Award for "Dancing in the night II" - Small Smaller and Smallest, FCA Vancouver – (Juried) June 9 - 21, 2015

Honourable Mention for "Admiration" in Foliage and Flowers, FCA Vancouver – (Juried) April 2015

1st Prize Award for "Buoyant Light" Painting at the Autumn Gallery, Kelowna, - (Juried) Nov 21, 2014




January - Works on Paper

January - 12th Annual Au Naturel International Juried Exhibition, Astoria OR USA

February - Artists Choice FCA Vancouver Gallery - Honourable mention for "Reflecting on a distance reality"



November - Autumn Gallery

October - AIRS - FCA Vancouver

September - Group Show at West Kelowna Yacht Club

August - Summer Gallery at FCA Vancouver

July - Oasis FCA Peachland Art Gallery

April - Bloom FCA Vancouver

April - Ode to Oils FCA Vancouver



Dec - FCA Signature Medal Show (Juried) (Honourable Mention)

Nov - Autumn Gallery - FCA Okanagan (Juried) (2nd Prize Award)

Nov - 10 Squared Fundraiser Show at FCA Vancouver

Oct - Annual International Representational Show - AIRS

Sept - FCA 75th Anniversary Signature Celebration and Exhibition

Aug - Painting on the Edge, FCA Vancouver Show

Aug - Small, Smaller, Smallest, FCA Vancouver Show

July - Oasis 2016 Show at Peachland Art Gallery - Silver Award

July - Gallery Odin Summer Show

April - TNSC FCA Open Show - Artists ChoiceApril - TNSC FCA Open Show - Artists Choice

March - Successfully achieved the AFCA designation through the Federation of Canadian Artists -Participating in the "Success Show" March 15-27

March - Art Escape at Big White



November - Autumn Gallery - FCA Okanagan (Juried) (1st Prize Award)

October - AIRS - Annual International Representational Show at FCA Vancouver (Juried)

June - Oasis 2015 (Juried) at the Rotary Centre of the Arts, Kelowna (2nd Prize Award)

June - Gallery Odin summer show

June - Small Smaller and Smallest, FCA Vancouver - (Juried) (2nd Prize Award)

April - Canvas Unbound, FCA Vancouver - (Juried)

April - Foliage and Flowers, FCA Vancouver - (Juried) (Honourable Mention)

January – February Solo show - Hyderabad, India



November - Autumn Gallery, Kelowna, - (Juried) (1st Prize Award)

June - Small Smaller and Smallest, FCA Vancouver - (Juried)

May - Oasis Art Show and Symposium, FCA Okanagan, (Juried)

March - Big White Ski Resort, BC Canada

January - Active Members Show, FCA Vancouver, (Juried)

January - Artist Choice Show, FCA Vancouver, (Juried)



“Artist shows face as part of group exhibition at Silver Star Gallery” - Vernon Morning Star, June 2015

“Inspired by the City” - Post Noon – Art and Culture – Sept 2013

“Old and New” - Feature Article - Hindu News – August 2013

“Preserving the rocky landscape through art” - Times of India – August 2013

“Inspired by Culture” - Art & Culture – Hyderabad Hans – August 2013

“Women and Culture” - August 2013

“A Keen Foreign Eye” - Times of Bangalore, India – September 2013


March - Art Escape at Big White

 Now an Associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists

Now an Associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists